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typescript - J.H. Hutton's tour diary in the Naga Hills

caption: counting Lazemi; labour corps medals; Themokedima short of rice
medium: tours
person: Soshuwo/ of PhiroFandemoNitsowoPfulhu/ of SilizumaCantlieKhilhepu
ethnicgroup: Rengmas
location: Tseminyu (Themokedima) Tseminyu Themoketsa Lazami (Lazemi) Silizuma Tesophenyu (Tesifima)
date: 22.8.1923-23.8.1923
person: Hutton/ J.H.
date: 19.8.1923-25.8.1923
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
refnum: Hutton Ms. Box 2
text: 22nd
text: To Themokedima - the Rengmas themselves call it Tseminyu - via Themoketsa, most of way along the Lazemi branch bridle path abandoned last year, as if you do take a pony along it there is nowhere to house it at Lazemi; and, the path amounted to a blind alley used about once in three to five years.
text: Before leaving I counted Lazemi. After arrival I gave out Labour Corps medals and tried a case against the dresser at the Wokha Hospital - a peculiarly poisonous example of the unpleasant results liable to arise from education and evangelization when applied to the baser sort, which the two together so often are, because the absence of self-respect is obviously a first aid to change of beliefs.
text: When counting villages it is convenient to check the results against the revenue receipts of the preceding year, but I find that as often as not the Gaonburas have no receipts. I have threatened them with horrid threats, which I shall certainly never carry out, if they have none next time I come to count their village. The fault is partly at any rate with my office which has a theory that the Gaonburas object to receipts. It is not the receipts they object to but having to wait for them.
text: Soshuwo of Phiro came in and said he had not had a cloth, Fandemo says he was present when the cloths were issued and that four cloths were issued to the Phiro Gaonburas, though possibly only three were present, so that one has disappeared in transit perhaps. Anyway Soshuwo resigns and Nitsowo succeeds him as Gaonbura. Soshuwo will get the usual exemptions.
text: Pfulhu of Silizuma went to France and has somehow got assessed to house tax. He came in to complain. He had his stomach ripped up by a bomb, and a miraculous escape.
text: Themokedima complain of having to provide travellers with rice and of having none of their own. They really seem to be short, a parawana will issue on Silizuma to supply them with 1 maund and Themoketsa to supply one maund. Tesifima already supplies 1-and-a-half maunds, annually under an order of Mr. Cantlie's. I have ordered Khilhepu to keep an account of all rice and paddy supplied to travellers and to produce it on September 1st 1924, so that a proper estimate of the Bungalow requirements can be made. Failing such an account I shall not continue the orders on Silizuma and Themoketsa.
text: 23rd
text: Halted Themokedima, gave out medals and heard cases.