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typescript - J.H. Hutton's tour diary in the Naga Hills

caption: Bridge repair; rain damage to crops
medium: tours
location: Baimho Woroki R. Chamrapani bridge
date: 23.7.1926-24.7.1926
person: Hutton/ J.H.
date: 5.7.1926-4.8.1926
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
refnum: Hutton Ms. Box 2
text: 23/7/1926 To Baimho in the rain. The bridge over the Woroki is beginning to go. The Sub Divisional Officer proposes to bridge it with the materials of the old Chamrapani bridge - a trussed girder bridge with a span that is probably about the same as that over the Woroki. If this bridge will fit the cost will be negligible as it is merely a matter of getting it to the site.
text: 24/7/1926 Halted at Baimho. It went on pouring all day and the rain looks like ruining the most promising millet crop, it is said, in the present generation.