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typescript - J.H. Hutton tour diary in the Naga Hills

caption: migration to Litami village
medium: tours
location: Litami
date: 23.7.1934
person: Hutton/ J.H.
date: 9.6.1934-30.7.1934
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
refnum: Hutton Ms. Box 2
text: 23rd. To Litami. The road from Mokokchung here is an avenue of oak trees luckily so far unmutilated.
text: The Litami Gaonburas complain of the prices they have to pay for runaways who settle in their village. There is an old order, which has perhaps been lost sight of that migration to Litami is unrestricted. I forget exactly what the terms of the order were, and probably chiefs could still claim under it for the loss of their 'nukeshimi', but I fancy at a minimum rate. Litami has a lot of carrying to do and is short of households and the Sub-Divisional Officer might look up the old orders and consider their propriety.