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letter from J.H. Hutton to Henry Balfour

caption: Lambert sending model dancing board to Pitt Rivers Museum; Lambert's prospective tour through the Naga Hills to Upper Burma; Hutton to go to Nowgong as D.C.
medium: letters
person: Balfour/ HenryLambert/ E.T.D.Grace
person: Hutton/ J.H.
date: 2.7.1935
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
refnum: J.P. Mills Box (not numbered)
text: Shillong,
text: 2/7/1935
text: Dear Balfour,
text: Just a line to say that E.T.D. Lambert, S.D.O. of Mokokchung, has had a model Konyak dancing board made (sketch enclosed) and I have asked him to post it direct to you. Hope it arrives safely. I have seen Grace about those fretted-centre ear-pieces. He has promised to disgorge, but it is still only a promise. I gather Mrs Grace has taken them home and she undertook to hand them over to my wife, whom she talks of meeting in Cheltenham, but it is all rather vague, and I don't know Mrs Grace's address in England and am out of touch with Grace at present. However, Lambert is going on special duty into the whole of that country (first time since '76 in one or two villages) with a survey party in October- March, going through from the Naga Hills from Sadiya Frontier Tract to Upper Burma and down the Chindwin. I have strictly enjoined him that more specimins are wanted, and if there is anything special you are looking out for, let him know. He goes on leave directly afterwards - a nice boy, a Dubliner, and a distant connection.
text: The Chief Secretary business is a mouldy job, but I do know what is going on. I get no spare time at all and am usually up to 11.00 pm. with files. However, I leave it in October and go to Nowgong in the plains as D.C. I shall have to look at the Mikirs there are in that district, and go on leave in March. I have only applied for 9 months leave, but if they want me to go back to the plains district, I shall apply for an extension, and I might anyhow.
text: J.H. Hutton