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letter from C.R. Pawsey to J.H. Hutton

caption: reference to Hutton leaving; Changki seer frightening Lhotas and Semas with descriptions of heaven and hell
medium: letters
person: Hutton/ J.H.SibungSakulembaSibungivatiMirenAndersonEtsisao
ethnicgroup: LhotaSema
location: Kongan Ungma Seromi
person: Pawsey/ C.R.
date: 7.6.1929
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
refnum: Hutton Ms. Box 3
text: Mokokchung,
text: 7/6/1929
text: Dear Hutton,
text: I am appointing Sibung permanently and will send you a copy of the order. I don't want a substitute. I have too many people all ready, and as my fine fund is empty have got to get rid of some of them for a month or two.
text: A lot of people here don't yet know you're going. The Semas heard first from Kohima friends but I think the Aos are still ignorant. Lhotas must have heard by now. The office staff saw it in the Amrita Bazar.
text: The Changki seer is Sakulemba the Compounder. He visits God and inspects the places in Heaven reserved for his friends - apparently there are only five berths available. Sibungivati the Deacon has to go to the other place. It has also stated publicly that he saw Miren frying in Hell. Unfortunately he has gone back to Kongon and I can't deal with him. Something ought to be done as he had put all the Lhota and Sema country into an uproar. Really he is slightly mad. He thinks the Konyaks are after his head because he gave away the theft of pipes for guns. I suppose I can't get at him except through Civil Surgeon, and that rather complicates things. There is another Changki seer of the same nature. They did a Lhota and Sema tour in company. I met the Changki party near Ungma and gave them leave to visit Sapotimi and Humtsa whereupon they went straight to Seromi and made trouble! I haven't yet seen the Gaonbura who was in charge, but will certainly punish him, and you might tell Anderson I am going to confine his perigrinating parties to the Ao country.
text: Its a pity about the Lhotas not all agreeing to four annas, but I'll talk to Etsisao and see what can be done.
text: Next year's lac crop is going to be distinctly large. In spite of the Standing Orders lots of trees get inocculated two or three times, one man putting his seed on the top of another's.
text: Crops here should be very good on the whole.
text: Let me know your July dates as soon as you can.
text: C.R. Pawsey