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letter from E.T.D. Lambert to J.H. Hutton

caption: Konyak spear
medium: letters
person: Hutton/ J.H.
location: Sangnyu (Hang)
person: Lambert/ E.T.D.
date: 6.9.1935
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
refnum: Hutton Ms. Box 346
text: Mokokchung,
text: 6/9/1935
text: Dear Dr Hutton,
text: I've just received a most remarkable Konyak spear and I am told it is the first of its kind in existence. Hang gave it to me. It is a remarkably clever idea and I wonder if it has been thought of anywhere before. This is a rough sketch of it: SKETCH
text: The blade, one piece of metal has been turned at right angles and consists now of two blades at right angles to each other. Presumably it would require a stronger thrust but the injured man would have some trouble in pulling it out. The whole thing is very well made and is fitted to the usual decorated Konyak shaft. I thought you might be interested and so am writing straight away. I trust you are out of hospital by the time this arrives.
text: E.T.D. Lambert