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manuscript - 'Diary of a Tour in the Naga Hills, 1922-1923' by Henry Balfour

caption: Visit to Seromi: houses, graves and cloth dyeing
medium: diaries
person: Hutton/ J.H.Mills/ J.P.Kiyaku/ of SeromiHeyetha/ of Seromi
location: Himalayas Bhutan Seromi Aichisagami (Sagami)
date: 27.10.1922
person: Balfour/ Henry
date: 1922-1923
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
text: Friday Oct. 27
text: A splendid early morning view of the Himalayan snow-clad range, towering over Bhutan, perfectly sharp & clear though probably 130 miles away. Hutton, Mills & I walked to Seromi (4-5 miles). I noticed a number of cast-away fire-making sticks along the track