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Typescript, J.P. Mills, Tour Diary, March 1927, with comments by Ursula Betts, 1986

caption: Visit to healthy villages; method of firemaking; a murder and action taken
medium: tours
ethnicgroup: Kachari
location: Guilong Delengwajungling (Delengwateling) Jaluwa (Thalorami) Jaluwa
date: 5.3.19271940-1941
person: Betts/ UrsulaMills/ J.P.
date: 3.1927
person: School of Oriental and African Studies Library, London
text: 5th.
text: To Guilong. The combination of a Mouzadar without authority and Kachari coolies without any desire to carry loads caused us to get off late. We first went up to Delengwateling, a small Kachari village, where every one looked healthy, and children swarmed. They make fire with bamboo and a thong, the method used by all tribes in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, but never by Nagas.
text: From there we went on to Thalorami (alias Jaluwa) a small Naga village.
text: [UGB: This village was the scene of a murder about 1940/1. The Subdivisional Officer's interpreters were a very poor lot and the two Nagas among them were decidedly venial...One of them visited Jalwa and was entertained in the headman's house, where he got drunk and boasted to his host how some years ago he had enjoyed seducing his host's wife. His host, not unsurprisingly, seized a spear and ran him through. Since the interpreter came from a different village and the killing would in pre-Government times have let to a feud, the matter was reported to the authorities. Had the killing been within the village, between villagers, the matter would have been settled by the village council. I think the headman got off fairly lightly on the grounds of extreme provocation.]