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Typescript, J.P. Mills, Tour Diary, March 1927, with comments by Ursula Betts, 1986

caption: Dancing; Zemi - Angami tribute relations; method of trapping a leopard
medium: tours
person: Bell/ MrMerhema khel/ Khonoma
ethnicgroup: ZemiAngami
location: Baladhan Khonoma
date: 13.3.1927
person: Betts/ UrsulaMills/ J.P.
date: 3.1927
person: School of Oriental and African Studies Library, London
text: 13th.
text: Halted. Sunday. We took an easy day, which we needed. Mr. Bell checked Baladhan and we watched a dance got up for us. Baladhan regard themselves, like all Naga villages of this area, as owing allegiance to the Merhema khel of Khonoma.
text: (16) Leopards give a lot of trouble here and recently a man was mauled and died. The leopard was later caught in a very ingenious trap. A fence with one gap is built across the line the leopard takes along a slope. The ground just through the gap is covered with very slippery bamboos on a steep slope. The leopard treads on these and falls on to "panjis".