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typescript - J.P. Mills, tour diary September 1928

caption: to Laisong; Christians-Ancients and marital conflicts; Kuki operations recognition; red cloths
medium: notestours
person: Ringthen Lal/ of Tolpi
ethnicgroup: KukiLushaiKuki <Thado
location: Laisong Barail Range Leikul Tolpi
date: 6.9.1928
person: Mills/ J.P.
date: 9.1928
refnum: (from): J.P.Mills and others, "Tour Diaries and Administrative Notes from the North Cachar Hills, Assam. 1928-1940. Unpublished Government Papers" at SOAS Library, London. Pam. Assam B 314349.
text: 6th Sept. To Laisong 14 miles - 7.15 - 2.0. A long pull up to the top of the Barail Range and a long drop down the other side. On the way we turned aside and visited the Kuki villages of Leikul and Tolpi. At the former village all appears to be peace now that the Lushai pastor's place has been taken by a Thado and the Christians live apart. We spent some time on the old triangular problem of an angry wife, a sullen and wriggling husband, and a younger flame. The arguments used differed in no ways from those current in Bloomsbury. At Tolpi old Ringthen Lal showed me with pride the gun presented to him by the Chief Commissioner for his services during Kuki operations. I gave him a red cloth.