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typescript - J.P. Mills, tour diary September 1928

caption: to Thungje; serious problems of disease and lack of medical attention
medium: notestours
location: Thungje Haflong
date: 10.9.1928
person: Mills/ J.P.
date: 9.1928
refnum: (from): J.P.Mills and others, "Tour Diaries and Administrative Notes from the North Cachar Hills, Assam. 1928-1940. Unpublished Government Papers" at SOAS Library, London. Pam. Assam B 314349.
text: 10th Sept. To Thungje 10 miles. 7-30 - 12.0. The first really fine day we have had. I began my return journey to Haflong. In the afternoon I climbed up to Thungje village. There is a good deal of sickness here, as elsewhere, and these people are hopelessly out of the reach of any medical attention. I shall be glad when the talked of Itinerating Sub-Assistant Surgeon materialises. While he is being considered and discussed people are suffering, and sometimes dying.