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typescript - J.P. Mills, tour diary, January 1928

caption: Megaliths and tanks near Ramji; problems Gurkhali with graziers
medium: notestours
ethnicgroup: Gurkhali
location: Ridima (Ndunglo) Ramji Malangpa ridge
date: 21.1.1928
person: Mills/ J.P.
date: 1.1928
refnum: (from): J.P.Mills and others, "Tour Diaries and Administrative Notes from the North Cachar Hills, Assam. 1928-1940. Unpublished Government Papers" at SOAS Library, London. Pam. Assam B 314349.
text: 21st Jan. Halted. To Ramji, a small Naga village, and back 8 miles. On the way we passed a very interesting old site. The most curious objects were two boulders, artificially dressed to a pear shape, with a cavity cut in the lower (blunt) end of each. They are now recumbent, but may once have been upright. Other remains which I am told I shall see tomorrow may throw light on them. There were also the remains of one pair of small tanks and one single tank.
text: Complaints about graziers came in from the Malangpa ridge. There are admittedly at least 1000 head of cattle there and probably more, and the Gurkhalis have had the impudence to issue orders to the Naga owners of the soil as to where they may or may not jhum. We cannot get there this trip, but the Subdivisional hopes to do soon.
text: Our tents had to be specially well pegged down to prevent their being blown away.