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Typescript - J.P. Mills, Tour Diary, November to December 1936

caption: Continued attempts to locate and free slaves; village dance
medium: tours
location: Panso Sanglao Phang Yakao (Yukao)
date: 5.12.1936
person: Mills/ J.P.
date: 11.1936-12.1936
person: School of Oriental and African Studies Library, London
text: 5th Dec.
text: Halted. I waited all day for news from Sanglao, but none came. The Sanglao in question is not the one marked on the map, but is NE of it. The slave in question is said to be a child captured from Phang, a village far to the south, the position of which is unknown and which I have never heard of before, at any rate by that name. Some men from Sanglao were in Panso when we were in camp below Yukao on 2nd and sent a dao down as a sign of friendship. When I tried to get hold of them, however, they had gone. The position is that the village want to return the slave but the owner is demanding exorbitant compensation which no one will pay. The situation is typical of a Naga village without chiefs. Everyone does what seemeth right in his own eyes and an individual can stand out against the community.
text: In the afternoon Panso gave a dance about which they have been talking ever since we arrived. Some of the ornaments were very fine.