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Typescript - J.P. Mills, Tour Diary, November to December 1936

caption: Fines imposed for slave trading and hostility; eggs as symbol of submission
medium: tours
person: Yakho khel/ SangpurrHutton/ J.H.
ethnicgroup: YimsungrKalyo-Kengyu
location: Sangpurr Noko (Nokhu) Sanglao Pangsha Panso Lungnyu (Langnyu) Ponyo Chentang Chingmei
date: 6.12.1936
person: Mills/ J.P.
date: 11.1936-12.1936
person: School of Oriental and African Studies Library, London
text: 6th Dec
text: To Sangpurr - 8 miles. Before we left a Nokhu man who had gone with the Sanglao men to bring in the slave returned with two "daos", no Sanglao men, and no slave. We could not go on to Sanglao and punish it; we could not have got into it till the third day from here, and we have not enough rations for another five or six days extension of this side-trip. Further, I am disinclined, except in the last resort, to punish a whole village for the obstinacy of one individual. Sanglao sent in word by the Nokhu men that they wished to be "sons of Government". I sent back word that that could never be so long as they held a slave, and that they should take warning from the fate of Pangsha. I am not without hope that the slave may be recovered. In any case it is clear that in the near future unknown country further north than we have been able to penetrate will have to be visited; till that is done we cannot be sure that slavery does not exist in it. Sanglao could be visited by a column going further south.
text: We had lunch when we arrived at Sangpurr and I then visited the village. The Yakho khel was friendly, but the upper khel distinctly chilly. Dr Hutton visited it thirteen years ago and was rudely received. Today every house was shut except those of the man who entertained us with drinks, and I didn't see more than 20 people in the whole huge village. They had even put mats over their onion beds in case we should help ourselves. The village is Yimsungr, but all the log-drums but one were of the open ended Kalyo-Kengyu type.
text: I had demanded three mithan from Nokhu as the price of the slave they sold into Burma, for they could not be allowed to make and keep a profit on the transaction. This evening news came that two mithan had reached Panso and one, a calf, was down at Langnyu. I am returning the calf. Ponyo and Pangsha also agreed to pay four mithan each for the misdeeds in our Control Area. News came that these have been paid. Six are waiting for us at Chentang, one died on the road and one is at Chingmei. Pangsha have also sent six eggs, which are probably not in their first freshness as they had them ready for us in case they bamboozled us into accepting their excuse on the 25th and taking no action. With the eggs has come a message to say they are proud to be our brothers and sons of Government, but hope they will not be visited again!
text: Sangpurr and Chentang having been at war, the scrub jungle surrounding the village is full of panjis. Two of our coolies got spiked today, one very badly through both feet.