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Typescript - J.P. Mills, Tour Diary, November to December 1936

caption: Architecture of schools and churches; burial and defence customs
medium: tours
ethnicgroup: Ao
location: Khari Lungha (Longha)
date: 16.12.1936
person: Mills/ J.P.
date: 11.1936-12.1936
person: School of Oriental and African Studies Library, London
text: 16th Dec.
text: To Khari - 8 miles. Passing through Longpha I was much struck by the excellence of the school house, modelled on a good Naga house and ornamented with excellent carvings in the traditional style. I should like to see all Govt primary schools in the district built after this manner, not to mention the frightful tin-roofed Baptist chapels, varying in style from middle West Gothic to middle west Queen Anne.
text: Khari is a good village with a small percentage of Baptists. The dead are still put on platforms, a practice fast dying out among the Aos. There is a typical "sentry stone" outside the village. Probably it originally had magical properties, but the explanation given is that a shield was leant up against it and a spear stuck up by it, so that raiders, seeing it from afar, would say, "Nothing seems to frighten this sentry. He never moves. There must be men behind him. We had better go back." Mithan are very rarely sacrificed on this range. To do so is believed to be unlucky and liable to cause death.