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letters from J.P. Mills to Henry Balfour

caption: collection of Lhota objects; differences between two Lhota groups; relationship between gennas and dress
medium: letters
person: Balfour/ Henry
ethnicgroup: LhotaLhota <LiyeLhota <Ndrung
location: Diyung R. (Doyang R.)
date: 3.10.1919
person: Mills/ J.P.
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
refnum: Mills Ms.
text: Mokokchung,
text: Naga Hills,
text: Assam
text: Oct. 3rd. 1919.
text: Dear Mr. Balfour,
text: Thank you for your letter of Aug. 22nd. The list of things you specially want is most useful. I have a fairly complete collection of Lhota things all or nearly all fully labelled. I hope to send it home to you by degrees. The Lhotas are divided into two divisions known as Liye and Ndrung by a river, the Doyang, which is unfordable for much of the year. This has caused slight differences in custom, dress, language etc. Where differences are of any importance I have obtained articles from both and labelled them. Many things are common to both. These I have simply labelled 'Lhota'. The dress of a Lhota is strictly governed by the social 'gennas' he has performed. The labels on the cloths give the Lhota names of the gennas with which they are connected. These will convey nothing to you I'm afraid, but I will try to make up a scheme showing the order of the 'gennas'. If I can I will send a box this month. Please do not hesitate to ask me any point which the label does not make clear. Some day I hope to put together a little monograph which will explain things.
text: Yours sincerely
text: J.P. Mills.