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letters from J.P. Mills to Henry Balfour

caption: Evolution of brass and wooden heads, and hair slats; punishment of Yungya prisoners
medium: letters
person: Balfour/ HenryHutton/ J.H.
ethnicgroup: KonyakSingphoChang
location: Yungya Kamahu
date: 4.11.1923
person: Mills/ J.P.
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
refnum: Mills Ms.
text: Mokokchung,
text: Naga Hills,
text: Assam.
text: Nov. 4th 1923
text: My dear Balfour,
text: ...Anyhow I shall have a little time to pack up a small box for you in which I will enclose a series of Konyak wooden heads (chest ornaments) and two metal ones - one very primitive and one the pattern I should say of the modern brass heads now made in the plains and traded up. By the way did Hutton ever send you one of the modern heads? He cannot remember. If there is room I will also send a series of the slats of wood Konyak wear in their back hair. The metal heads are the only old metal ones Hutton and I have ever seen. Almost certainly Singpho.
text: My ankle stops me going on the Chang tour. It is sickening, but Hutton has promised I shall go some time. Anyhow the Konyak tour was a great success. Hutton will perhaps write up his diary and send it you. If not I will see that you get an account.
text: The Yungya men who took the Kamahu head got 5 years each, which is what they deserve... Hutton is very fit, but he does not take his hills as quickly as he used to, thank heavens...
text: Yours ever,
text: Philip Mills