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typescript - Tour Diary of Keith Cantlie, 1919-1920

caption: dispute between Cheswalimi and Kilomi; proposal of new village formation by Nikhahu of Sataka
medium: tours
person: KohozuBarnes/ Mr.Reid/ Mr.Woods/ MrNikhahu/ of SatakaIvikhu
location: Chesholimi (Cheswalimi) Kilomi Satakha (Sataka) Zinimatu Zhekiya (Zeikia)
date: 19.11.1919-20.11.1919
person: Cantlie/ Keith
date: 1919-1920
refnum: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
text: 19th November.
text: Counted Cheswalimi. Kohozu dobashi holds most of the village land and says that as the tila dispute between Kilomi and Chiswalimi (sic) was made ready for cultivation by both sides and was ordered by Mr. Barnes to be left alone until demarcated and I did not demarcate till June when it was too late to sow and too late to prepare fresh land the village has got very little land sown and so will suffer. This is Kohozu's own fault as he stayed in his village most of the time before June and when in Kohima told me nothing of the urgency and there is nothing on the record to show urgency.
text: 20th November.
text: Occupied with cases. Kilomi wants to reopen the land case about the tila with Cheswalimi as they say they have not enough land to live. I went over the ground (23) of the case decided by Mr. Reid and also heard all about the case decided by Colonel Woods. Kilomi is an off-shoot of Cheswalimi and the question was whether Kilomi men bought Cheswalimi land or whether they hired it. Cross oaths were taken. Kohozu took an oath before Col. Woods that he had never received any purchase price but only rent and so was both cases. Kilomi has got enough land and to spare by opening up the jungle on the hill at the back but it is virgin forest and had work to clear and also somewhat colder for rice. That is all that concerns me. I thought at first Kilomi had been hardly treated, as men came up with bundles of sticks showing the fields they had paid for and lost by my demarkation in accordance with the old decision. I believe that many Kilomi men truly think they have been deprived of land, but I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to know after the lapse of one or two generations, whether each plot was rented or bought and Colonel Wood's decision was at best quite correct and at worst the fairest that could have been made as a general solution.
text: Nikhahu of Sataka came with his old plan of taking so many men from Sataka, Zinimatu, Zeikia and other villages to go to a new place near Ivikhu's village beyond Koruma in the Angami country. He is a Sataka Goanbura's son, but only 8 houses of his Khel will go with him, the other Goanburas of Sataka objecting. Naturally all other Goanburas object violently. I decided at Sakhai that he cannot take other village men if Goanburas are unwilling, but can come to me again only if he finds enough Sataka men to go. This caused his sudden disappearance and probably the end of the matter.