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typescript - Tour Diary of Keith Cantlie, 1919-1920

caption: road repairs; gun licences
medium: tours
date: 8.12.1919-9.12.1919
person: Cantlie/ Keith
date: 1919-1920
refnum: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
text: 8th December
text: Sakhabama much road between Chipoketuma and Kekrima with the outer edge of turf unscraped thus making the road concave. It must all be completely scraped. Gun licence renewals in shoals.
text: (26) 9th December.
text: Kohima.
text: sd. K. Cantlie
text: Deputy Commissioner of the Naga Hills.
text: Memo No. 2372G.
text: Kohima the 20th December 1919
text: K. Cantlie Esqr. By direction of the deputy commissioner
text: Deputy Commissioner. copies in duplicate are submitted to the of the Surma Valley and Hill Districts Silchar. A T.A. bill is enclosed for favour of counter-signature and return.