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typescript - Tour Diary of Keith Cantlie, 1919-1920

caption: land slip at Purobama; grazing dispute; kite trap
medium: tours
person: NihuDokieZedzihoHorukiya
location: Purabami (Purobama) Sakrabami (Sakrabama) Phulami (Puloma) Gwezutomi (Guezotoma)
date: 22.12.1919-23.12.1919
person: Cantlie/ Keith
date: 1919-1920
refnum: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
text: 22nd.
text: 5 miles. To Purobama. Ninety houses taken away by a land slip in the middle of the night in 1918. They are building on the subsided part, which looks as if it might go down a little farther yet. I counted the village and imposed a reduced tax on the slipped portion. They had 'mauf' last year. A watering place case taken and then to the Purobama and Sakrabama grazing case. I had Nihu with me for the purpose. People came up from the paths on all sides and groups on the outskirts started arguing and at length scuffling until things looked very lively. However young bucks of both sides were sent off home and the elders went on with the case. Purobama admits having no claim according to village rights, but Dokie and Zedziho decided wrongly for Purobama and Horukiya - the old head dobashi came and decided rightfully. Horukiya was consulted and remembers his decision, but Purobama says he is so old he is dotted and is making mistakes. I went on to Sakrabama and I am to return again tomorrow. I saw the preparation of the sticky stuff for ensnaring kites who swoop onto a mouse tied on the lump of sticky stuff.
text: 23rd.
text: Back to the disputed ground. Both sides want to take oath. At length it was decided I was to ask Horukiya and test if he remembered clearly, as there can be no question of changing a decision which has stood for many years and is evidently the correct one. If his memory is found to be faulty I shall decide. I counted Sakrabama. Found a big dispute with Puloma, both claiming grazing on Mesetzu tila. Nihu brings news from Guezotoma that Guezotoma really owns the land but being a small village (29) these big robbers are quarrelling over spoils. I cannot wait 2 days here to call people in so Nihu must come out forwards. To Puloma falling through a bridge and damaging my wrist and losing the way in the dark.