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typescript - Tour Diary of Keith Cantlie, 1919-1920

caption: thana repairs and town improvements at Dimapur
medium: tours
location: Dimapur
date: 18.1.1920-19.1.1920
person: Cantlie/ Keith
date: 1919-1920
refnum: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
text: (33) 18th January.
text: To Dimapur where I went round the Thana repairs. All Thanas are being repaired by constables this year and we may get some little saving for glass and roof painting.
text: The usual ruction over the sweepers and Overseer's work. I arrived in time to save the new trees and after a hard 24 hours everything was clean and the trees all watered. Latrine payment lists and refuse tins and other hoped for improvements introduced and the regular reporting of unclean shop fronts of those who do not wish to pay for its being done by our agency which latter is a new scheme I started today. The Overseer will probably have to be dismissed, but as a spirit of persecution of the lethargic public exists in him, I allowed him to continue for a little in order to see if any revolution in the habits of the place will be effected.
text: 19th January.
text: Spent in the bazaar. Frantic building on all sides to get houses up within the 3 months I have allowed. Unauthorized tree-cutting and encroachments on Railway land are a natural sequel.
text: Returned to Kohima inspecting Nichuguard police repairs and Zubza garden. I was walking off with all the police guns in Nichuguard to the car, but was spotted by a policeman having hesitated a few seconds too long with my booty.
text: Memo. No. 3396 G.
text: Dated Kohima, the 9th February 1920.
text: Copy forwarded to the Commissioner, Surma Valley & Hill Districts with T.A. Bill for countersignature and return.