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typescript - Tour Diary of Keith Cantlie, 1919-1920

caption: sale of quinine; pay of schoolmasters
medium: tours
location: Phesama Kigwema Mima
date: 13.2.1920
person: Cantlie/ Keith
date: 1919-1920
refnum: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
text: 13th February. 22 miles.
text: To Phesama, Kigwema and Mima and counted them. The villages show no increase save one khel of Mima. Fever was bad last rains in Kohima and its neighbourhood. I have been pushing the sale of quinine by a special dobashi in office and have had some success.
text: The Kigwema Lower Primary school was taken over from the Mission this year and is flourishing. No complaints of proselytising. The master complains of the pay of Rs10/-. The Jakhama man wants to cut his name this month and go trading. I have written to the Director of Public Instruction about broaching the question of increase of pay. The masters must either be made definately half time masters to allow them to cultivate or their pay must be increased. They ought to have Rs15/- considering their long training. This makes them draw more than a dobashi which is a difficulty - of course in practice the dobashi is entertained free on tour in the villages by friends. Everyone hard at work making money on the Government road. There were no cases brought up. Everything goes in to Kohima from this side to the special khel with which the villages have hereditary connection, a relic of tribute days. Back to Kohima.