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typescript - Tour Diary of Keith Cantlie, 1919-1920

caption: house tax and widows; quinine
medium: tours
person: Geppo
location: Rawuma (Raluma) Henima Ridima Lemhema Chama
date: 22.3.1920
person: Cantlie/ Keith
date: 1919-1920
refnum: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
text: 22nd.
text: To Raluma and counted it. To anticipate I may say that the result of the whole tours houses counting shows practically no difference from Geppo's counting of last year. The interesting point is the number of old widows in the villages in the northern part of the Kacha Naga country as compared with those towards Henima. Some of this is due to influenza, but as mortality was chiefly among young men this does not explain it. Near Henima nearly (40b) every house pays revenue while in Raluma there are 6 old women living alone and 25 revenue houses and this village did not suffer from influenza. In Ridima there are 20 revenue paying houses same as last year and 4 old women living alone while in Lemhema there are 4 revenue paying houses and no less than 10 old women living alone. This last village suffered very severely from influenza, 50 people died, but there were most of these widows before the influenza. I was very careful to prevent fraud and examined the inside of every house.
text: There is a fine deka chung hung with hundreds of skulls. The people look very fit and crops were fair. Cultivation is low down towards the plain and the people get fever so the Goanbura purchased a box of quinine readily, the first man willing to purchase such a quantity readily.
text: I visited Chama and checked the remissions that I had given last time but I could not make any difference to the six old women though my checking was quite unexpected. The village has a bad water supply only a pailful of water now at the spring so that the number of inhabitants cannot grow.
text: 23rd.
text: To Lakema.