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typescript - Tour Diary of Keith Cantlie, 1919-1920

caption: dance at Intuma; government loans
medium: tours
person: BarnesTutongbo
ethnicgroup: Kacha NagaKuki
location: Intuma Injaona (Jaona) Lalangmi (Lalongmi) Jampi Insung (Insong)
date: 1.4.1920-2.4.1920
person: Cantlie/ Keith
date: 1919-1920
refnum: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
text: 1st. April.
text: To Intuma. Passing Injuma again. A man's wife died in childbirth there and the house had therefore a genna on it an no body may enter it. The young people of Intuma came out dressed in their best and the girls danced. In one figure two men danced making graceful sweeps of the hand which held a tucan feather. Fleas were terrible all night.
text: (43) 2nd.
text: I counted Intuma. 71 to pay revenue against 70 last year. There is only one old widow. As Mr. Barnes noted at Henima there is a party trying to oust the goanbura Tutongbo. The reason is that he was Goanbura of the old village which drifted almost entirely to the new village and finally he had to come too. I therefore found it impossible to split the khels. The two Goanburas will continue to half the commission as Mr. Barnes ordered. To Jaona - a heavy climb in pouring rain. There are 21 houses as against 16 last year 5 men having returned from Manipur who left in 1914.
text: Crops were very bad last year and there is very little rice in the village but they do not want a government loan as they found great difficulty in repaying it last time. Went on to Lalongmi.
text: The Kacha Naga and Jampi Kukis have some small quarrels which I settled. The chief is that the Kukis cut by accident a planted village tree when cultivating. It seems to bave been a pure accident that it caused four Nagas to die shortly after. Crops were a failure last year and have been poor for may years past. The Kukis have decreased 14 houses since 1911. Both Lalongmi and Jampi want Government loans and I made a list and will send up separate proposals.
text: To Insong. There are 15 houses. The crop failed last year and they want a Government loan of Rs100/-.