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typescript - Tour Diary of Keith Cantlie, 1919-1920

caption: Jasama-Bapugwema dispute; eating seed dhan at Bapugwema; loans
medium: tours
person: Hutton
location: Josama (Jasama) Bopungwemi (Bapugwema) Inkyema Sailhim (Sailim) Tasanki (Tesangki) Sarama Thenjol
date: 7.4.1920-12.4.1920
person: Cantlie/ Keith
date: 1919-1920
refnum: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
text: 6th.
text: To Tesangki. Halted and heard the cases of Jasama against Bapugwema all day. They both claim as heirs to Inkyema village. Both sides are ready to take oath on the village lives. As the Kukis have been cultivating most of the land I will go to Sailim to ask them.
text: 7th.
text: To Sailim. The disputed land is two tilas between the Tesangki and Tebeki stream. The truth is that Sailim has been cultivating it and that Jasama cultivated a small piece two years ago. The land belongs to no body. All claim as heir to Inkyema. I passed orders that Bapugwema cultivate this year the land cleared last year and Jasama is not to go south of the Tesangki while the Kukis are to cultivate where they have done in the past.
text: Bapugwema is short of land. No partition can therefore be made until the demarcation of these three villages and Sarama including the old disputed land west of Sailim as suggested by Mr. Hutton some years ago. This seems the settling of 8 miles of country and I cannot tackle it as the Khonoma murder case (44b) made me a fortnight late in starting. To Bapugwema and counted it. The people at the end of their food and have eaten their seed dhan. They want a loan. They have a number of mithan but this is not the season for selling and they cannot dispose of them around as people shun them because of the late epidemic. I made a list of those needing a loan.
text: Back to Tesangki.
text: 8th.
text: Counted Tesangki. Seven houses no cluster round the Bungalow. To Thenjol where I found it true that the upper khel had decamped to the plain's side. They are to return and rebuild this month. Penalty will be considered later.
text: To Lakema. The new wall just by the 41st mile stone has fallen and the rock needs deeply cutting into. The Mohori is to have work begun at once or the road will be impassable.
text: 9th.
text: To Peddi.
text: 10th.
text: To Kherbari.
text: 11th.
text: To Khonoma. The usual cases of debts probably in gambling though this is usually carefully concealed.
text: 12th.
text: To Kohima.