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'The Feast of Merit among the Northern Sangtam Tribe of Assam', by C.R. Stonor, 1950

caption: the series of feasts
caption: fourth - Anitz
medium: articles
ethnicgroup: Sangtam <Northern
date: 12.1947
person: Stonor/ C.R.
date: 1950
refnum: 'Anthropos', vol. XLV 1950
text: 4. Anitz.
text: The Anitz is repeated in identical manner, except that a second mithan is substituted for the bull, the sacrificial animals thus being two mithan and one pig. As before, the relatives help with supply of beer. No additional privileges seem to result except that a third hornbill feather may be worn.
text: This feast is very frequently combined with the next, doubtless for economy in mithan, as only two are killed when a combined feast is held.
text: [4] Essentials: a) Two mithan are sacrificed.
text: b) Beer is provided for fellow-clansmen, and it is incumbent on the giver to produce it from his own resources.
text: Ritual: The ritual for the Tchar Tsu is the same as that for Anitz with the important exceptions that the mithan are dragged round before killing and that when the feast is given by itself no dance is held (vide infra).
text: Privileges: The feast qualifies for the Tsungkotepsu cloth of the neighbouring Ao tribe. This cloth, described by J. P. Mills (footnote: J. P. Mills, The Ao Nagas (1926), p. 37. ), is red and black with a central white band painted in black with figures of animals and other symbols. They are bought by the Sangtams from the Ao villages of Longsa and Ungma, two days journey away. I have no information of other privileges.