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'The Feast of Merit among the Northern Sangtam Tribe of Assam', by C.R. Stonor, 1950

caption: details of the ritual
caption: use of forked posts
medium: articles
ethnicgroup: Sangtam <NorthernChang
date: 12.1947
person: Stonor/ C.R.
date: 1950
refnum: 'Anthropos', vol. XLV 1950
text: The use of forked posts for erecting the mithan heads is of some interest, and is employed also among the adjacent Chang Nagas, where I have seen the site of a very recent feast of merit, in the course of which mithan heads had been tied to two very small a insignificant forked posts. Among all other Naga tribes (Lhotas, Semas, Rengmas, and Aos) and among all other Naga tribes (Lhotas, Semas, Rengmas, and Aos) and among the Lushai - Chin - Kuki group who erect forked posts, they are entirely commemorative and serve no actual function. One is led to wonder if there may not be some direct link between the heads and the posts as a convenient means of erecting them, rather than purely as fertility emblems ( J. H. Hutton [ footnote: J. H. Hutton, The meaning and method of erection of Monoliths by the Naga Tribes, J. R. A. I. Vol LII (1922). ] ). The subject is beyond my present scope but it is hoped to enlarge on it in a future paper.
text: Two post in plate IV, fig. 2