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published - J.H. Hutton, Diaries of Two Tours in the Unadministered Area East of the Naga Hills', 1926

caption: first tour
caption: some soldiers left in Tangsa, rest march to Kamahu; Phomching took three heads from Yacham, Yacham chief killed
medium: articlestours
person: Kangshi/ of Phomching
ethnicgroup: Phom
location: Tangsa Kamahu Urangkong Phomching Yacham
date: 7.4.1923
person: Hutton/ J.H.
date: 4.1923-27.4.1923
text: April 7th - In the morning we let go the prisoner who had merely helped carry the head. He was an insignificant fellow who had probably only done what he was told to do. We left twenty-five rifles including signallers at Tangsa to watch the Yungya path and marched to Kamahu. Urangkong met us here with coolies and supplies. Phomching has just succeeded in taking three heads off Yacham, coming round behind by way of Urangkong land. Yacham sent out a pursuit party to Urangkong direct, who threatened to cut up the whole of that rather miserable village if they gave information, and waited in Urangkong itself for the returning Phomching warriors. One of these, the chief, rashly walked into the village probably hoping to implicate it in the ensuing hostilities on his own side as a party to the raid. The Yacham men rushed out of a house and fell upon him and smote him, taking his head and recovering one of the Yacham heads which he was carrying. The other Phomching men had time to escape however though one of them, Kangshi, erstwhile a Government interpreter at Mokokchung had to leave his Yacham head hidden in the jungle, which Urangkong afterwards returned to Yacham. The third warrior, got his head home safely. Now Urangkong are sitting unhappily on the hedge between Yacham and Phomching afraid of both but glad enough to work off any dirty Phom trick on either.
text: I forgot to ask at Kamahu after the young buck we had with us in November '21 at Yacham, who was so delighted with the burning of that village that he was struck paralytic down the whole of his left side from pure joy at the event, a genuine case, diagnosed on the spot by the doctor with the column.