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published - J.H. Hutton, Diaries of Two Tours in the Unadministered Area East of the Naga Hills', 1926

caption: first tour
caption: Yungya deserted and goods removed
medium: articlestours
location: Yungya
date: 8.4.1923
person: Hutton/ J.H.
date: 4.1923-27.4.1923
text: April 8th. - To Yungya. Water short, and a decent camping ground within reach of it simply not to be had. The hostile clans had absolutely cleared out. There was not even a chicken left in the place and even the houses were in many cases dismantled leaving only the framework. The whole place was crawling with myriads of hungry fleas, the only inhabitants far too many of whom we brought away with us. Firewood, thatch, even lumps of clay for making pots, was all removed, and we came across some of it hidden in the jungle round the village. Even the great wooden drums [Hollowed logs, made like dug-out canoes, and played by rows of men and boys hammering on the edges of the slot with mallets like dumb-bells. See A Visit to the Naga Hills, by S.E. Peal in J.A.S.B., I of 1872. I suppose I ought strictly to speak of them as xylophones rather than drums. They have no membrane.] had been dragged off into hiding somewhere for fear of what we might do to them.