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diaries kept by Ursula Graham Bower on visits to Manipur and North Cachar between 1937 and 1940

caption: Makru Bridge to Barak Bridge
medium: diaries
person: 'Marigold'Shamshu
date: 17.11.1938
person: Graham Bower/ Ursula
person: private collection
text: (8) Nov. 17th Barak Bridge. 10. Marched from Makru through Kala Naga (Oinomlong) to Barak Bridge. Re-dressed knee and foot before starting; found foot very lame on hill, bandage shifted, and knee, looking very surgical in white Elastoplast, carrying heaviest jappa. Told foot to come and have it re-dressed on top of hill. On reaching top found
text: 1. Reception Committee with zu. Sat on couch provided - covered with cloths straight off the Naga - and de-ticked dogs, ate oranges and photographed Marigold & the old boy with the cameras.
text: 2. Two nondescript individuals, possibly Kuki, with a recalcitrant goat on the end of a string. Query - what do individuals want?
text: 3. All the male population of Oinomlong and all the Mandu men, busy changing loads. Turned out goat-offerers wanted reassuring in re road Reggie ordered to be cut at Chota Hathias, from road to village. Re-dressed damaged foot. (9) Somebody made Kabui wise-crack at which everyone laughed loudly, including Shamshu, who refused to translate, and said he didn't understand. Passed very drunk or very ill body curled up and completely sheeted just below village. Suspect very drunk. Reached Barak Bridge camp at 3p.m. Kambirong chaukidar & his assistant in residence. We were 2 days ahead of time. Word sent to village. At 9p.m., as we were finishing dinner, in came old Kambirong and two other headmen, the old boy carrying his photo (sent through Jeff last year) and tickled cock-eyed. Gave him big copy out of exhibition; and delighted him beyond all belief. The worlds' biggest thrill. He compared it with himself & the basha and told the story four times over before they finally cleared off for the night. Very glad to see the old boy so pleased with it.
text: River very muddy and thick. Jeff fed up, as fishing apparently off. (10) [Discovered old headman one of 24 arrested in Jadonang case, but got off - he was accused no. 13.]