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diaries kept by Ursula Graham Bower on visits to Manipur and North Cachar between 1937 and 1940

caption: Chingjaroi to Pao-yi
medium: diaries
date: 23.2.1939
person: Graham Bower/ Ursula
person: private collection
text: (160) Wednesday, 23rd Feb. Pao-yi
text: Marched late, owing to not having packed yesterday, and general scramble over thappus, etc. Went to Khunao to see patient. He walked out to see us, very yellow an weak, but much better. Was presented with woman's skirt, and Ladies Glee Club, (leisabis and two women with babies on their backs,) processioned along in dead slow time singing quite a pretty song about (so the Khullakpa swore) the maibi and the compounder, and S.U.P. 36 was the hell of a good show anyway. (I being the maibi). Then they sang another, not as pretty as the first, also about mem and comp., saying (filtered through Khullakpa an compounder) that though she came from far off, yet she was here now and they 'were much pleased with her behaviour', and they thought it was a good show, anyway, and three cheers for the Santonin; and so we parted. The Christian village was full of gratitude too, but thank Heaven, sang no hymns. The pastor had learned I was short of Kerosine and sent me a much needed bottle. The Khullakpa and Co. escorted us with zu to the bridge, about (161) 5 or 6 miles down, and there I drank some zu, and we sat a bit, and so parted. Began to feel well off colour again on the hill, getting sore and very weary; cough, and we are out of mixture. Further than we thought. Met reception committee on top of hill, but camp still three interminable miles along ridge, and Oh! was I exhausted when I got in! Collapsed on bed and slept till 5, when I turned out loyally for medicine-chest and dispensary. Bed, still galled and seedy.
text: Ticked off compounder for pinching one of my coolies (which he's been doing all the time). He had a whole one to himself, as well as his own, so I stopped and raised hell. He said he and his men had bought dhan (bet it was free from Chingjaroi) and his men couldn't manage it.
text: Young man at dispensary suspected leper.