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diaries kept by Ursula Graham Bower on visits to Manipur and North Cachar between 1937 and 1940

caption: Kokngai to Paotong
medium: diaries
date: 16.3.1939
person: Graham Bower/ Ursula
person: private collection
text: (10) Paotong. March 16th
text: Another hot march, but no villages on the way. A Kuki village, and not a bad perao some way up the hill above it. One grand old granny we gave liniment to was most matey & offered me a chaw of tobacco as well as a string of revolting smoked fish Luikai bore majestically away. Felt very tired. Showed Ukhrul coolies my photos, by request. I thought they wanted to go home or do something awful, and was quite anxious till the compounder enlightened me!
text: Another venison e-stew, this time preceded by what Luikai said was "Jug" or "Shug" soup. It looked and tasted like hot water with a little grease on top. Wombat produced two curry puffs for to-morrow's tiffin. Stout Wombat.