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diaries kept by Ursula Graham Bower on visits to Manipur and North Cachar between 1937 and 1940

caption: compounder, Jangsang, returns from Imphal; threat of war in Europe
medium: diaries
person: Jangsang
date: 28.3.1939
person: Graham Bower/ Ursula
person: private collection
text: (33) March 28th Jessami.
text: Dispensary again. The sore turned Luikai green and he fled, after gallantly offering to do it for me; but I refused and used Vapex which I also issued to him and camp Naga. Poor woman said she would do it herself, but I think I'd better till the worst is cleaned up. She is not a hygenic specimen. Camp Naga very busy showing my photos to entire village in batches. Have just taken him, 2 elders, Chinaorang and Saknio's brother, the last two having just had a haircut with the aid of my scissors. Both looking gloriously Tangkhul, and both have long tails of hair; Saknio's brother has one about 18ins. long.
text: Short of bandages & had to cut up jharun, to rage of staff, who harangued mob on evils of misappropriating bandages. About 18 yards have gone west, by and large. Luikai now airing the rezai. Think it must be a penna day; we seem to have gathered huge quantities of young men in camp, all rather dressy, and all new faces; many women down this p.m.
text: (34) When doing rounds in village was suddenly confronted by Saknio, like a messenger in a Greek play, arriving hot-foot with his cloth flying in the breeze, and greeting me with 'Compounder aya!' Returned to camp as fast as patients permitted, and found Jangsang, looking skinny and rather tired after 22 mile march from Lai-i. Medicines, though not all, & stores, and a letter from Jeff. Europe in mess again. Hitlers' been and gone & done it. God knows what's going to happen, and there's not much I can do about it for the moment, so I might as well carry on while I can.
text: Told Jangsang about jadu and he didn't much like the notion of poison.