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diaries kept by Ursula Graham Bower on visits to Manipur and North Cachar between 1937 and 1940

caption: Jessami to Kharasom; decides not to go to Lai-i as smallpox there and coolies not vaccinated; message of epidemic sent to Ukhrul
medium: diaries
person: JangsangSaknioCummins/ Paddy
date: 1.4.1939-2.4.1939
person: Graham Bower/ Ursula
person: private collection
text: (42) April 1st.
text: Dispensary again. Got Luikai to tackle headmen about spear-throwing, & about noon 2 spears came. Distance throw won by Angami with 26 yards. Accuracy was at 4 - foot banana stump over 15 yards. Luikai, Chinaorang, 2 Jessami men and one old man (top of stump) all made hits, the first four good ones; but heats left only old man and Chinaorang, who tied.
text: Luikai repaired my chapplis again, and he and Chinaorang the chair-seat. Packed thappus & calculated coolies.
text: (43) April 2nd. Kharasom. 14 3/4.
text: Left about 7.45a.m. Gaonbura, Zahilo & elder said farewell at a grave where I noticed one of the 'enemy' figures was a Tangkhul.
text: Should have gone to Lai-i to-morrow, but Kharasom reports smallpox there. Lai-i have sent for me. Evidently something very much wrong there. Discussed it with Jangsang, who suggested going to Lai-i to see, leaving coolies at river, and going 5 miles up stream-bed to Naga path & so to Chingjaroi; none of party recently vaccinated except self, so cannot get into village to camp; Kharasom coolies will not go for love or money, and it is impossible to take anyone not recently vaccinated, in any case. Double march prob. 25 miles. Decided to send Saknio full bat to Ukhrul with chit to Paddy, & ask Mrs Dunc. to forward it. Also sent Lai-i's letter. Even if Jangsang & I could get there we have no lymph, or anything to deal with smallpox. (44) Feel very worried about Lai-i.
text: Paid off Jessami coolies: Rs 2 and 8as. bakhsheesh.
text: Offered Luikai 1 rupee for zu for cookhouse, but he refused, rather shortly, saying I had given them much too much already. I meant it kindly for all four of them and was rather annoyed; pocketed the rupee.