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diaries kept by Ursula Graham Bower on visits to Manipur and North Cachar between 1937 and 1940

caption: Kharasom to Chingjaroi
medium: diaries
person: KapuniJangsangChinaorangLuikai
date: 3.4.1939
person: Graham Bower/ Ursula
person: private collection
text: (45) Chingjaroi. 8m. April 3rd.
text: Got off about 8; Jangsang was not ready and I went ahead. Transpired he felt ill and meant to ask me to halt, but everything was packed when he came to the basha. A hot march, but short, thank Heaven. I am getting to know this road well. Met by Khullakpa and out old friend the Kuki boy. Khullakpa reports no serious illness; post-partum sepsis case now going to fields! Kapuni said to have recovered. Changed the Kharasom coolies at Kuki village. Paid 1 rupee to Kharasom for 3 men. Jangsang sent the 2 as. he owed me on it by one of the Kukis, later.
text: Paid off Kukis at perao, same rate as Kharasom, but they bleated for more cigarettes. We are getting a little low; the cookhouse is a heavy drain, but we ought to do it.
text: Chinaorang came in, all grin, to ask for the money for zu which Luikai refused yesterday. Evidently Luikai was unpopular; they had no zu and had to drink water! I gave him the despised rupee, and he went off, quite cheery. Luikai looked rather bleak.
text: (46) Kuki youths in Jangsang's basha woke me at 4a.m. to-day, shouting and laughing. Meant to tackle Jangsang, but didn't get the chance; if he really felt ill, as he told me on the road, its possibly as well.
text: At Jessami Luikai was full of - 'There were lots of orchids at Kharasom, but you didn't say anything about giving me cigarettes for them; but now there are no orchids you say you'll give cigarettes!' Today it was - 'There are no orchids here, but when we get to Paowi I'll get a whole basketful - you can kill me if I don't - thik bat hai!'
text: Khullakpa said black tiger (read panther) had killed 12 or 13 of their cattle since I left.
text: Jangsang pointed out place there wild mithan killed the Kuki.