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diaries kept by Ursula Graham Bower on visits to Manipur and North Cachar between 1937 and 1940

caption: Huimi to Kachai; Jangsang leaves as his children ill, after reprotedly having told Kachai Khullakpa not to give rice to party
medium: diaries
person: Jangsang'Wombat'
date: 9.4.1939
person: Graham Bower/ Ursula
person: private collection
text: (56) April 9th. Kachai. 3-4 miles.
text: Rained again in the night. 3 women coolies. Chinaorang walked without thappu. Royal welcome from Kachai, including arch and Ordeal by Choir (the National Anthem, 3 verses - fortunately well sung and instantly recognisable) by small boys. Beautiful cloth as salaami. Luikai still in his white cloth, looking quite virginal and like a design for a Tangkhul angel. Found my socks full of fleas; suspected basha matting; Wombat said they were from Huimi, and gave a graphic description of how they leapt up and attacked him as he passed below the village. Removed socks and handed to Luikai, who took them respectfully away. S.B. & other two Ukhruls are now going over their cloths with a Monkey Hill technique, so perhaps the Wombat was right.
text: Enter, suddenly, Jangsang with worried expression and chit. Two of his children are seriously ill, so he has whizzed off via Karong. Told me he 'did not think I would have any trouble'. Perishing optimist.
text: Next fun, enter Wombat, dignified but distressed. Said Jangsang told the Khullakpa I was not a servant of the Sirkar, so he (57) was not to give free rice to my servants; anyway, I had only one servant and all the rest were coolies; but he, Jangsang, was a servant of the Sirkar and they could feed him as much as they liked! If true, one of the meanest tricks I ever heard of. I told Wombat not to make trouble, but that I would pay for everything they wanted. However, argument. Now hens and zu are pouring in in a way which makes me hot all over.
text: Spear-throwing in p.m. Kachai not as good as Jessami, but one or two hits over 15 yards. Paid 2/2 & cigarettes.