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diaries kept by Ursula Graham Bower on visits to Manipur and North Cachar between 1937 and 1940

caption: Kachai to Talloi; disease chicken-pox and not measles; Manipuri compounder arrives as replacement for Jangsang
medium: diaries
person: JangsangLuikai
date: 12.4.1939
person: Graham Bower/ Ursula
person: private collection
text: (62) April 12th, Talloi 6m.
text: We progress from joy to joy. The disease is raging here, and it isn't measles; its chicken-pox.
text: Left Kachai about 9. after visiting the woman, who was better, and met headmen of Talloi about 11. They said there were no cases; Kachai Kuki had also told us Talloi had none. Went on. English speaker arrived at basha and said there were - and it was either measles or chicken-pox! In the middle of all this, enter through crowd, like lawyer through crowd in Act III, obvious Manipuri compounder with baggage and coolie - sent to replace Jangsang. Case obligingly produced for our inspection (with baby on back, spots all over, and ulcer on head) and we voted for chicken-pox. Dressed ulcer. Bother over coolies; compounder has vanished up village with coolie, and intends to use Manipuri cookhouse opposite my basha door. Luikai has bad cough & sore throat; have issued cough mixture & Vapex, also Valda's pastilles to Luikai. Have a very fair cough & cold myself. Chinaorang did not carry; paid (63) Kachai coolie 10as.
text: English-speaker told me no adult cases; all children so far. I hope I have had chicken-pox.
text: Luikai wandering about with Abung's scarf round his neck.
text: I don't know whether to adhere to the path of chicken-pox & duty or turn to the north & Pungam. Shomdal, Phadang & Tuinem have all got it. So had Imphal (Jangsang's child).
text: To-day "anda fry" Luikai's effort, and very good.
text: Decided on Pungam, as when we remonstrated with the Khullakpa about infectious cases being loose, he smiled brightly and said they wanted them to catch it and get it over. Drew the line at full-blown cases in camp, so elected to clear out. Issued gargle. Saknio goes to Ukhrul to-morrow. Gave him 5/-.