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diaries kept by Ursula Graham Bower on visits to Manipur and North Cachar between 1937 and 1940

caption: to Semkhor
medium: diaries
person: LuikaiHainingba
date: 23.3.1940
person: Graham Bower/ Ursula
person: private collection
text: (49) Semkhor March 23rd
text: A twisty, wiggly path through grass the first part of the way; some of the girls followed us, and when we parted, sang a song to which the men should have replied, but Namkia and Hainingba didn't!
text: Met on top of the hill by committee. Didn't like the zu, which was sweet and full of small dead flies. Ate bananas. At this point it started to rain.
text: Perao all up on end sideways, full of flies, and decidedly uncomfortable. Crowds in camp, all sitting outside the basha. H. of P. under enormous tree.
text: Luikai and Hainingba had a row you could hear for three miles, Luikai accusing Hainingba of stealing my kerosine and being a zu- drinker although he was a Christian. It all started over a door, I forget how. I funked official interference. (50) Many for dispensary, three patients with awful ulcers. Did two, a woman and girl and told the worst to wait. He sat down with his leg thrust under my nose with its attendant flies, and I was nearly sick. Told him to go away and wait further off. When I was ready we found him toddling off up the path, very angry, and he refused to come back, at which I wasn't sorry.