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miscellaneous papers, notebooks and letters on Nagas by Ursula Graham Bower, 1937-1947

caption: extracts on the arrest of Gaidileu
medium: lettersnotes
person: GaidileuGaipuiga/ of KambironKhengui/ of KambironMacdonaldJillakponJaddonang
ethnicgroup: Zemi
location: Pulomi (Kenoma) Kambiron
date: 2.3.1931
person: Graham Bower/ Ursula
date: 1937-1946
person: private collection
text: Extract from C.O's [Macdonald] report on capture of Gaidileu at Kenoma (Pulomi).
text: 18. We then searched this group and in one house found Gaidileu and her immediate followers who threatened us with spears. Owing to the cramped space and darkness in the house I withdrew my men and threatened to shoot unless the people we wanted would lay down their arms and come out.
text: This was successful and after a short scuffle all were arrested.
text: 19. There were no casualties on either side except one Naik slight bitten on the thumb by Gaidileu.
text: No ammunition was expended. [end of C.O.'s report]
text: Jillakpon present with Gaipuiga and Khengui, Kabuis of Kambiron. These two latter, according to Jillakpon Road Mohorrir, were the ringleaders in preventing him & the enumerator P from entering the house in question.
text: Gaipuiga & Khengui say that Jaddonang is not now at Kambiron, having gone to the Silchar plains about 2 months ago - reasons not known. They refused to let the supervisor and enumerator enter this building because it is a sacred building and Jaddonang before he went told them not to let anyone enter it. It is not his residence.
text: Jillakpon Road Mohorrir says he saw girls entering the house, so he thinks that Jaddonang is still at Kambiron and that Gaipuiga and Khengui are lying. Further he says there are papers at Imphal to show that Jadonang is a vagabond who has been punished by the Tamenglong S.D.O. on a previous occasion.
text: Order. Gaipuiga and Khengui are ordered to attend at Imphal Hill Office and bring Jaddonang with them, on 24th instance...(Gasper)
text: Note in margin.
text: I think that in view of what has happened recently Gaipuiga and Khengui are unlikely to come in to-morrow, especially as it is now known that Jadonang was actually in Cachar and not at Kambiron when I was on tour near there...
text: Gasper(?) 2/3/31