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miscellaneous papers, notebooks and letters on Nagas by Ursula Graham Bower, 1937-1947

caption: migration of the Zemi
medium: notes
ethnicgroup: Zemi
person: Graham Bower/ Ursula
date: 1937-1946
person: private collection
text: All the Zemi came from Remdi (Remdhi), from which they went to Remna, from which they went to Nui; thence Thusann; Imphal; Bopungwemi; Nenglokuloa, near Hajaichak; Hekaokhiloa, between Nenglo and Hangrum; old Hangrum, W.N.W. of present site. Laison split off from here as the result of a quarrel, and settled at Hakaoloa, on the steep hill N. of Laison Inspection Bungalow. Meantime Hangrum went to present site (Hapaipuiditsak). Thence Nkeogimkuloa, site of present Hangrum Inspection Bungalow; thence Nsuroaloa, between present site and the Jiri river; thence Dangkalukuloa, S.W. of present site, & one of the spurs of Hemeoloa; Nkezaikuloa, near Longkai; Hegoazamjuloa, on S. side of Hemeoloa, Nreogimuloa; and continued moving round from site to site in the present vicinity as convenience and the jhums dictated. They have been on the present site about 35 years. --
text: According to H. Mathai 2 crows flattened the land when the worm made it.