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miscellaneous papers, notebooks and letters on Nagas by Ursula Graham Bower, 1937-1947

caption: letters from J.P. Mills to Ursula Graham Bower
medium: lettersnotes
person: Mills/ J.P.Betts/ TimGodfrey
date: 30.11.1945
person: Graham Bower/ Ursula
date: 1937-1946
person: private collection
text: Camp Pire November 30 1945
text: My dear Ursula,
text: Many thanks for your letter of Nov.12th of the Zole in Nenglo land, of which I am sending a copy to Godfrey to see if anything can be done. What an absolute scandal that Thebhuing ha - Kuliabuing land case is. Its so difficult to do anything if S.D.O. calmly reverse each other's decisions and one naturally hears nothing about it.
text: What a marvellous surprise the arrival of Tim was. I've written to him, but doubt if the letter ever reaches him. Anyhow I can say little, for I'm entirely out of touch, having been away since Nov.1st, & do not know what letters have come in or what anyone has done about anything.
text: The family are at Gopalpur and rather hating it - the hotel and company both awful. My tour has been very pleasant and a complete mental rest and change - and not really very strenuous physically. Anyhow I've seen the remarkable Apa Tanis & I must say their country is rather like Conan Doyle's "Lost World".
text: Yours ever,
text: Philip (Mills)