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miscellaneous papers, notebooks and letters on Nagas by Ursula Graham Bower, 1937-1947

caption: gennas
caption: sickness genna - 'haraitsak'
medium: notes
person: Graham Bower/ Ursula
date: 1937-1946
person: private collection
text: Haraitsak (Haraichak) (genna against sickness)
text: Used 1) When a man taken ill outside his village is brought in;
text: 2) When a man has died outside the village and his body is brought in;
text: 3) In epidemics, to prevent the entry of the spirits of sickness, and of strangers. In this case the village is almost always closed to strangers for the duration of the epidemic.
text: A small chicken is killed in the village path by which the man was brought in. The entrails are spread across the path, the sacrificer saying something to this effect: "This path is closed to you - let no ill come in." The path is then closed with boughs in the usual way. The village is closed for one day, no one going for wood or eatables.