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manuscript notes on the Zemi Nagas by Ursula Graham Bower

caption: "dakwalla's" life story
medium: notes
person: Miroteung
location: Asalu
person: Graham Bower/ Ursula
date: 1939-1946
refnum: Betts papers, ring binder 1
person: Centre for South Asian Studies, Cambridge
text: Dakwalla
text: I was born in Asalu. My mother died when I was so high (about 10). My elder brothers all died. Afterwards I and my father went to live in Miroteung's family. After that my father died. When I was a young man sometimes won at the stone-throwing and at the jumping. When I was young there was a scare the Angamis were coming and I went with my mother and father to the jungle. I was small. Sometimes my mother carried me, sometimes I walked in the jungle. When they came to fetch men for the German war I could walk. I ran away in the jungle with my father. At that time N's father and my father were the Mathais. My elder brothers all died. The first one I never saw, but I have heard his name. The younger of the other two first died, when the illness came after the German war, and a little after him the elder one. I was also ill but not very ill.
text: I lost my lower tooth, it hurt and hurt and came out of its own accord. The upper one I lost when 2 dekachangs were fighting over a pig. I fell on top of Lungdabuing and my tooth cut his forehead and afterwards my tooth hurt and fell out.
text: After that Miroteung's father paid for my wedding, and for three of four years after that I and my wife lived in one house. Then I built a separate house of my own. Living separately like that for a long time, I came into your service.