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typescript 'Village Organization Among the Central Nzemi Nagas', M.A. thesis by Ursula Betts

caption: chapter one - introduction
caption: more specific description of the Naga Hills
medium: theses
ethnicgroup: Nzemi
location: Japvo Mt. Diyung R. Jatinga R.
person: Betts/ U.V.
date: 1950
refnum: M.A. thesis, University College, London
note: footnotes indicated by boxes within square brackets
text: In the heart of it the central ridge divides. One arm runs to the south near the Indo-Burma border and on through the Chin Hills; the other turns to the west and, at a point near Kohima, rises into the formidable mountain wall known as the Barail Range. From the peak of Japvo (9,890 feet) the Barail extends to the south-west, lessening slowly in height and forming the northern rim of the hill-tract, while the southern face falls to the deep valley of the Barak River, but near Haflong, 80 (2) miles from Kohima, the range's character alters abruptly. The mountain wall ends at the Diyung-Jatinga watershed, where two rivers, the Diyung running north and the Jatinga south, rise on a low ridge and cut the hills almost in two. Beyond this gap the diminished Barail merges into a rolling plateau and its line runs westward through this to the end of the hills at Tura in the Garo country, 250 miles from the Barail's point of fission from the parent Patkoi chain.