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typescript 'Village Organization Among the Central Nzemi Nagas', M.A. thesis by Ursula Betts

caption: chapter one - introduction
caption: demography of the Nzemi
caption: Nzemi cut accross by administrative boundaries
medium: theses
ethnicgroup: Nzemi
person: Betts/ U.V.
date: 1950
refnum: M.A. thesis, University College, London
note: footnotes indicated by boxes within square brackets
text: 2. Demography of the Nzemi Nagas
text: The Nzemi tribal territory is cut across by administrative boundaries, so that part of it lies in the Naga Hills District, part in North Cachar Subdivision of Cachar District, and a smaller fraction in what was formerly Manipur State. This political fragmentation is of less importance in the present context than are the natural divisions into which the Nzemi territory falls, for these three geographical areas correspond approximately to the three local divisions of the Nzemi themselves.