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typescript 'Village Organization Among the Central Nzemi Nagas', M.A. thesis by Ursula Betts

caption: chapter two - the village
caption: the kuloa
caption: the morungs or bachelors' halls
medium: theses
ethnicgroup: Nzemi
person: Betts/ U.V.
date: 1950
refnum: M.A. thesis, University College, London
note: footnotes indicated by boxes within square brackets
text: The most imposing and by far the most conspicuous buildings in a Central Nzemi village are, as befits their sociological importance, the morungs or bachelor's halls. They are known as dekachang in the Naga Assamese lingua-franca of Naga Hills (21) District, and the Nzemi term for them is hangseoki [10 [Record T86714]