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manuscript - H.H. Godwin-Austen, Journal of a Tour in Assam, 26th November 1872 to 15th April 1873

caption: river trip along the Brahmaputra
medium: tours
person: WilliamsonHinde
date: 4.12.1873-8.12.1873
person: Godwin-Austen/ H.H.
date: 26.11.1872-4.4.1873
person: Royal Geographical Society, London
text: 4th Decr.
text: Got up early; finished closed & took letters to Post Office & after Bkfast went to see Major Macdonald at Col. Hopkinson's house. Met Mjr. Lamb Deputy Commissioner there. Macdonald drove us back to steamer in cart & we got away abt 3pm. Met Capn. Samuels of the Revenue Survey going up a short way to take the field on N. bank. At 10 o/c just as I had turned in was roused by young Williamson having a fit on his bed, just after he had laid down. He came round however, but hardly knew where he was & what was going on abt. him. Another followed abt. 12 o/c. Young Hinde, son of the padre, joined us here.
text: 5th
text: Got up abt 7 but fog obliged us to anchor twice. Banks sandy churs with grass, low hills close to the south bank. Stopped short time at [Mungalage]. There Samuels left us. Only a bleak chur at the landing place. Took gun & with Burt went for a shoot on it to see what we cd get but only saw the ubiquitous wagtail Luzoniensis & Pratuicola.
text: 6th
text: Got off pretty early early, took sketch of the bank capped with the high coarse grass which is so elegant in its form. Finished up my sketch of Kamakia during the day. Fox pushed on hard until 8pm & got into Fezpur abt that time but too late for anyone to land.
text: 7th
text: Burt & Hesketh left us here. Took a short turn with Brookes onshore. It is a pretty little place with ruins of an old Hindoo temple on the low hill above the ghat & we saw two very well carved pillars taken from it forming the gate posts of one of the compounds. Met Mr P. Lea who was at Cherra when I was there in 1869, now an Assistant Commissioner. Also young Trotter of the Police. Left abt 9am. A coolie fell overboard, he swam for a long time but before the boat cd get down to him he sank. The unfortunate fellow might have got ashore but he wd keep his face towards the Steamer & I fancy exhausted himself with frantic efforts to overtake her - it was a melancholy sight. Fine views of the Mikir Hills on the south. Stopped at Koliaghur abt 11o/c. Went on shore with Brookes after birds, got a few old forms, went back towards steamer & then along the river bank under the hill & had a hunt for shells. Got some interesting species under the site of the old temple on the top, now overshadowed by some enormous Ficus. Broken brick splinters far down the side of the hill. Took another shoot on the way towards the village & met Messrs. Jackson & French returning.
text: 8th Decr.
text: Left about 8am. Had an hour on shore but got nothing new. Sorted out shells & made sketch of Zosterops palberbrosus. Arr'd abt 2 o/c at Bisnatu. Went ashore with Brookes. Villagers tending some buffaloes were very anxious we sd go & shoot a wild bull buffalo that had taken up with them & wd not let them drive the herd save where he wished. Had no ball for guns & we left too soon again to do anything.