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manuscript - H.H. Godwin-Austen, Journal of a Tour in Assam, 26th November 1872 to 15th April 1873

caption: Munipuri claims to territory - both Gaziphimah and Shipvomi; mapping
medium: tours
date: 7.2.1873-9.2.1873
person: Godwin-Austen/ H.H.
date: 26.11.1872-4.4.1873
person: Royal Geographical Society, London
text: 7th Feby.
text: I determined to remain behind to do some shooting & explore the valley a bit & sending on the baggage with Butler, kept the cook room things back & started up the valley & out of the long grass managed to get a new bird or two among them a quail not in Jerdon but I should have got more for I shot infamously. Returning to the site of our camp I had bkfast & then went on down the river & set up a Plane Table or two & then up spur into Sikhamah. Two heavy daks had come in so there was plenty to read, plenty to write & plenty to do. Munipur Major now denies that he said it was the Raja's order to take away Thompson's Guard & coolies. They make out that Gaziphimah is one of their Thaunahs (a police station) & that we were only rescued at Shipvomi by 50 men of a neighbouring village & that that place belonging to them we have looted & burnt but it is [a] waste of ink & paper recording the many lies and denials they are practising. Butler & Thompson have each of them to send in long reports so I have agreed to make a trace of all we now know of the geography of the country on the Lanier & that to the north. This work took with other correspondence & returns two whole days & we remained at Sikhamah until it was done. Thompson who appears in great hurry to be off left us on the 9th for Munipur.