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manuscript - H.H. Godwin-Austen, Journal of a Tour in Assam, 26th November 1872 to 15th April 1873

caption: surveying; Kookies moving north to avoid having to supply Munipuris with wood
medium: tours
location: Iril R. (Eeril R.)
date: 3.3.1873
person: Godwin-Austen/ H.H.
date: 26.11.1872-4.4.1873
person: Royal Geographical Society, London
text: 3rd March
text: Min 35o but did not feel so cold as the previous. Up at work at birds soon after day light, then wrote some letters, measured the depth of the river below the level of the country & started for the new GTS Mungching after crossing the Eeril at the extreme end of the Kaibi. We turned off up the first broad lateral valley on the LB for about 1 1/2 miles & then up a spur to the main ridge. Pretty views over the Munipur valley. The ridge is still very well wooded in the shadier & steeper ravines but the greater part of the hill slopes have been joomed by the Kookies. Reached the Trig Station about 3 o/c in time to take the vertical angles & finished all by 5 o/c. The rocks appear nearly horizontal on the spur on the left hand side going up the valley on the spur by which we ascended (near base & here I saw a few pieces of quartz) NW by W 70o & again at top they were nearly level to S of the mark. Ogle has got his hill cleared & the pyramidal mark shewed well. The village close to camp is called Dongshum. Thado Kookis who are about to move Northward they said they have too much wood supplying for the Munipuris.