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manuscript - H.H. Godwin-Austen, Journal of a Tour in Assam, 26th November 1872 to 15th April 1873

caption: from Powi to Kuchai; types of trees
medium: tours
location: Kachai (Kuchai) Ihang R. Paowi (Powi)
date: 2.4.1873
person: Godwin-Austen/ H.H.
date: 26.11.1872-4.4.1873
person: Royal Geographical Society, London
text: [2nd April]
text: On the 2nd we marched out of Powi descending into the valley on the West & then struck up the bed of a stream from the South which we followed for about a mile, the hills densely wooded on either side. The path out of this up onto the next N-S ridge from the watershed was very steep & bad. Followed the ridge then North for about 2 miles through fine woods of Pinus Khasiana almost the only tree growing to a girth 6-9 feet. Lovely morning & the views very fine, with the most delightful balmy feel in the air. About mid-day it clouded up & we had a sharp shower about 2 o/c just before descending on the Kuchai which prevented my getting a sketch up the valley. This corner is certainly one of the most beautiful we have been in & especially at this season, the varied mixture of coloring from the browns of the old unburnt grass, the bright greens of that now springing up & the fresh leaves of the oak, against which the blackened stems of the trees & a kind of date palm very common on the open slopes tell out in strong contrast. It continued to rain on & off all the way to the head of the valley & we waited a long time in a hut under the watershed until it cleared & crossing it we pitched camp to the West of the villages of Kuchai at the head of the Ihang river. The rice fields in the Kuchai had all been flooded, and the smell off the mouldy water was most offensive. A Corbicula was abundant in these fields.